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Humor as the Hobby: Ham Hijinks

It's easy to take ones self too seriously these days. We often blur the lines between "work" and "play", particularly when the hobby is so much like work, and the workbench at home looks a lot like the workbench at work.

We were glad to stumble across this web site, called Ham Hijinks, . These guys seem to be having a lot of fun with the hobby! It's reminiscent of the annual "April Fools" article that we used to see in CQ and QST, but their page is full of them!

Don't get taken in when you read about their Random Length long-wire antenna (everyone gets a different length piece of wire!) or A Cup of Joe for Your Radio, shown above.

Have fun; laugh often. It's a hobby.

(Thanks to Ham Hijinks and Noise Blankers)