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Amateur Radio's newest member


Meet Lori, KC1AZV. She is one of the last people in this part of the country to take her ham exam in 2013, and one of the first in 2014 to receive her license.

She is already on the air, on 2-meters and on 440. Before she passed her test she was guest operating and assisting at KZ1O during the 10-meter contest in December (see ).

Lori is a nurse, and otherwise has no history with electronics or radio, but is newly interested in this great hobby of ours. She studied for her Tech using the excellent study materials from our friends at HamtestOnline (see ) and then took her exam at the North Shore Amateur Radio club in Danvers, MA ( ).

If you hear her on the air, please say hello and 88 to Lori, KC1AZV, Bedford NH.

Welcome aboard! and 73,
Dave KZ1O