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Masscon 2010 was a huge hit

This past weekend, 13 March, I attended the first Masscon 2010 here in New England. It was organized by some guys who wanted "a convention that we would want to attend".

I found myself sitting there enjoying myself!

That is what the hobby, and hobbies in general, are all about, I think: doing something that you want to do, instead of doing something that you have to do.

We have recordings of the event, and you can access them here. There are copies of the overhead slides that were presented, and they will be available soon at the Masscon web site,

You may get enough from this to enjoy it, simply by listening to the podcast. Please do so, if you like. But to fully enjoy it, to see it, hear it, feel it, to totally experience it, you really had to be there.

The theme of this convention was "do it."