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We have been saying this all along

Ham radio is here to stay!

I remember when I was playing with packet radio in the 1980's and telling everyone how cool it was. None of my friends could understand why it was "cool" to be able to type a short message to a friend nearby, or far away, when you could just pick up the phone and talk to them.

Now that they call it "texting" I guess it is finally cool.

But back then, it was one of those geeky ham radio things that no one understands. And ham radio will continue to be ahead of its time, and will still continue to set the pace for technology, education, entertainment, even defining what is "cool". We just might be a little ahead of our time, but maybe that means we have invented time travel already, too!

Check out this article from NPR about Ham Radio:

Only a few years ago, blogs listed ham radio alongside 35 mm film and VHS tape as technologies slated to disappear.

They were wrong.

Nearly 700,000 Americans have ham radio licenses — up 60 percent from 1981, a generation ago. And the number is growing.

Ham radio will never have the sex appeal of the iPhone, but it does have a certain nerd appeal, says Allen Weiner, an analyst at the technology research firm Gartner.

Ham Radio Growing In The Age Of Twitter : NPR (8 April 2010)