First Person: The Library of Disposable Art — QSL cards

(with thanks to Worcester Magazine

Sometimes, when you enter the Library of Disposable Art, you can look at what’s there and get it right away. “Hey, that’s a T-Shirt.” Or “Look at those cute ceramic animals that came from the tea box.” You can understand what they are and figure out for yourself if it is cool or not. Then there are some alcoves in the library that have items that make a fella scratch their head in confusion. What the hell is this and why do people collect them?

And this is not me attacking the lovers of Hummel figures (though I just don’t get that one bit. Those are nightmare inducing totems). No, this is not about your personal taste, but things that you look at and don’t understand and when someone explains it to you, you still don’t understand. It’s like we are suffering from bric-a brac aphasia.

That is the case with QSL cards. I have a zine that reproduces authentic QSL cards from Washington State during the 1970s. You see. I wrote the words using as much English as I ever was taught, and yet the damn sentence does not make much sense. But just because it is odd for myself and you (probably) does not mean that somewhere in town, there aren't several people with large collections of these aforementioned QSL cards.

What are QSL cards? I’m glad you asked. Actually, I have been dreading this part of the column. The part where I explain what I am going on about. I have never been an ace at making myself clear (see earlier essays in the series to prove my point). And I feel like I might not make much sense (so what else is new?). But here goes.

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