Ham radio covers special event for reenactment of Second Seminole War

Explore the connection between the Second Seminole War and ham radio with insights from the Hog County Amateur Radio Association (K4HOG). They bring history to life through a re-enactment of this historic event. Check out a news article from last year's reenactment here (https://www.hogcounty.com/k2s/pdf/Dade-Battle-Reenactment-in-Bushnell-mi...) and delve into more accounts of the original event on their site here https://www.hogcounty.com/k2s/ . While some links are exclusive to hams, you'll find public access points within the articles.

Tune in to the special event station on HF frequencies, CW, SSB, and FM VHF local during the Jan 6-7, 2024 reenactment weekend. Award certificates await those who hear them and request a QSL. Look out for your humble servant, operating CW on both days, bringing excitement to this unique experience!


Dave at 99 Hobbies