Update: It's 1000 hobbies, not just 99

... just kidding. But I stumbled across this transcript of Onno's podcast in one of the most unlikely places, and I've added his feed to my page here. You can read the text of this particular podcast, and more, titled "What's the point of this hobby" at http://www.99hobbies.com/aggregator/sources/3

He begins:

One of the recurring questions in this hobby, technically outside this hobby, asked by people who've not yet, or have only just been bitten by the bug, is: "What's the point of this hobby?"

In some ways I too have asked this question, though for me the answer came within a few months of learning that amateur radio exists. In response to others asking this I've also made meagre attempts to answer this question with varying degrees of success and satisfaction.

The typical responses are things like: there's a thousand hobbies inside amateur radio, it's about the communication, about the camaraderie, about climbing and hiking, about technology, science, physics, electronics. The truth is that this is just a fly-over view of what it means to have this as your hobby.

You can visit Onno's podcast page at https://podcasts.vk6flab.com/podcasts