Do you feel like a challenge?

From the latest newsletter of the NAQCC NEWS:

Amateur radio has something for everyone. For a growing number of folks, the challenge of "doing
the most with the least" makes QRP (and QRPp) CW operating the greatest thrill available in ama‐
teur radio. The North American QRP CW Club Inc. exists to promote and pursue designing, infor‐
mation sharing, building, and operation of low power, Morse Code enabled Amateur Radio equipment
with simple wire antennas

This issue is available here: and the main web site for NAQCC is located at

This is highly recommended! A great resource for all of those individual topics that they mentioned. And the weekly quick contests they have are quite a bit of fun, speaking from my personal experience. It's really not like a contest, or a rag chew, or a quick exchange. Maybe it is all three combined, or maybe something else.

Why not give it a try?